About us
L’Argania specializes in lamps, lanterns, mirrors and other objects mainly imported from Morocco. We offer a wide range of products to give an exotic touch to your home.

The shop was started through the initiative of a Dutch-Italian couple and their love for Morocco.
Most products are made in Marrakech, the city where we found lots of good craftsmen, suppliers and friends to work with.

The name of the shop comes from a tree that grows in a small area of Morocco. The argan tree (argania spinosa), is considered in Morocco the tree of life and grows in very dry areas challenged by the heat and the poor rocky soil. The presence of this tree slows the desertification and the abondonsment of the rural area, creating work by production of the famous argan oil.
The fruit and leaves of the tree are food for goats that, having nothing else to eat, climb the trees to enjoy the food and the panorama. A surrealistic sight which is very unique.

The shop is located in the city centre of Rome, a few steps from Campo de' Fiori.